General construction works The 20 years of fit-out works have prepared us to apply the knowledge and experience we have gained as general contractors.

Our WORKUP division is driven by the love of precision and meticulous work. We are confident in tackling more complex tasks, serving our clients with care and ordinary diligence, while materialising their architectural visions.

Fit-out works We are experts in the creation of interior office spaces. We do the complete general construction works (fit-out) of office spaces, common and reception areas after the shell & core condition of the building. We are proud to be one of the key market players to establish and define the fit-out works in Hungary to make our works understood for the office sector.

We provide unique engineering services by understanding the design concept and client’s style and request.

All of the small technical details shall be solved to achieve the status of the office fit-out from the shell & core conditions as soon as possible to the start of the efficient operation.